About Us

The practice was established in 1997,  and brings together more than 60 years of accounting and tax experience for individuals and corporations.

We are a CPA public practice firm ensuring a high level of training, compentancy and accountability.



Being a boutique firm, we do not cater for everyone, and prefer to spend our time for a select group of like minded people and organisations 



Ken Wright   CPA 

B Business Studies (Accounting), Dip Fin Serv, JP 

supported by an enthusiastic team: 


Fran Thompson       

GST compliance & Admin


Eduardo  Rivera    M Accounting  & Finance   

Accounting and Tax & GST compliance

Jenny Gonzalez  B Bus and Commerce

Accounting and Tax 

Nikhil Rijal  B Bus. Admin; M Accounting (CPA)

Accounting and Tax

Brock Fanning

Accounting and Tax







Our objective is to ENHANCE your financial position, and make your life easier with user friendly systems of recording and extracting data.

To develop those systems to provide information to help you make strategic decisions and develop your business.

Be part of your "partner in business" program.  By regular (quarterly) involvement with you and your business we can address issues as they emerge, and develop key performance indicators to help you measure, track and develop your business.

We recognise work is not really a destination, but steps along the way to achieve financial independence and reward.  Our aim is to help you develop easy systems to meet compliance obligations, so you can concentrate on the strategic direction of your business, and to allow you to get on with the other aspects of life:  family, leisure, friends, and the community.


Our Aims are:

1)  to Provide personalised accounting and tax services to assist you in your business and financial matters.

2)  to make compliance easy - using systems and technology.

3) to support and develop your business and in so doing increase your after tax profits.

4) to (legally) minimise your tax obligations/MAXIMISE your tax refund.