Basic Personal Income Tax Checklist   Client name/code (Hint: attach relevant documents to this list and bring with you at time of interview)   

The following is a condensed checklist of the documents & information that you will need to provide for completion of your tax return for the year ended 30th June, 2020.   

Some information may be available to us through the ATO portal but that may be incomplete and insufficient, and the onus remains with the taxpayer to check the details   

  1.  PAYG Payment Summaries (including paid parental leave of $..............if applicable.)   Most employers are now covered by single touch payroll  system and may not issue a PAYG summary, but refer you to the MyGov website. 
  2.  Termination Payment Statements (if you have stopped work this year)  
  3.  Payment Summaries for Superannuation Pensions (when aged <60 or untaxed component)  
  4.  Payment Summaries received from Centrelink (aged pensions/newstart/parenting payment etc)  
  5.  Interest earned on bank and other deposits  
  6.  Dividends (including franked amounts)  
  7.  Discount on Employee Shares (usually covered by a statement from your employer)  
  8.  Annual Tax Statement from Trusts or Partnerships incl Capital Gains Statements  
  9.  Details of Business Income (and related expenses) - separate checklist is available  
  10.  Rental Income & Expenditure (incl. depreciation schedules where appropriate)  
  11.  Capital Gain/Loss as the result of sale of shares and/or property   Include the cost and date of acquisition of each item sold  
  12.  Others  (e.g. foreign income/pensions; directors fees;  life insurance bonuses etc)
  13. EXPENSES FOR 1/07/2019 TO 30/06/2020
  14.   Motor Vehicle – Details of business use of motor vehicle:   Set Rate method:  Kms traveled for business up to 5000km  Logbook method:   Details of Petrol, Rego.& Insurance, Repairs, Interest paid etc,   and details of  purchase/sale or refinancing, odometer readings at beginning and end of financial year. 
  15.  Other Travel costs incurred on behalf of employer (such as Fares, Tolls, Parking)   
  16.  Details of Compulsory Uniforms (With Logo) & Protective Clothing, Safety Shoes  
  17.  Dry Cleaning or Laundry of Uniforms or Protective Clothing  
  18.  Sunscreen lotion, sun glasses & hats used in performing outdoor work    
  19.  Self Education Expenses (related to work)  
  20.  Tools, Business/Trade Magazines, Mobile Phones, Calculators and Batteries, etc.  
  21.  Union fees, Subscriptions to Professional Associations or publications  
  22.  Computers and Home Office Expenses used to earn income  (% work related…..)  
  23.  Interest on borrowings for investments  
  24.  Donations to charities and/or school building funds  
  25.  Superannuation Contributions (only if self employed and acknowledgement received from the fund)  
  26.  Income Protection Insurance - (not including life and/or trauma insurance)  
  27.  Others….     
  29.  Superannuation for your spouse (if spouse’s income is less than $37,000)  
  30.  (Rebates for medical expenses are no longer available except in limited cases such as aged care) 
  31.  Private health insurance (policy numbers and details as per letter from health fund)  
  32.  Your spouse's details (if any) (Name, date of birth, adjusted taxable income components)  
  33.  Bank Account details (refunds need to be paid directly to a bank account)        
  35.  Tax Free Government Pensions,             
  36.  Target Foreign Income  
  37.  Child support paid  
  38.  Net Business and/or Investment Losses (we can assist with this calculation)  
  39.  Changes to family circumstances (marriage, no. of dependent children and address etc)    

The above checklist is provided by Enhance Accounting and Taxation Services Pty Ltd to assist clients in managing their tax obligations.